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Pendant/Earrings Displays Part 2

Here is the frame all spray painted white. I have attached eye screws to the inner part of the frame. I used 7 strand nylon coated beading wire and crimp tubes to make the hanging line. I also attached an eye screw to the top for hanging.

I had my Dad cut hardboard pieces to fit into the inset of the frame. I used 1/8 inch hardboard to keep it light because I’ll be hanging these on a mesh wall in my booth. I bought some fabric from my local store. I cut a rectangle slightly larger than the hardboard. I then sprayed the board with spray adhesive. I smoothed the fabric onto the hardboard. Once it had set a little I use scissors to trim the excess off. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of this. I was determined to get these finished and I had been back and forth to the hardware store several times that day to get everything I needed.

I used silicon adhesive to secure the board into the frame. I left the back of the hardboard unpainted, but I am debating if I should paint it white. We’ll see. I’m just happy to have workable displays for my pendants and earrings. These will be easy to transport because they’re flat unlike the traditional rotating displays.

Here are my three finished displays!

Happy Crafting!



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