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Metalsmithing – Part 3

Woo Hoo! Some of my tools arrived today!


After doing some online comparison shopping I found that had a nice selection of tools at good prices. I also found that her descriptions were very helpful for picking which tools I’d like and just for figuring out what they were even used for. I used the Professional Metalsmithing Kit list from as a reference of what I’d need. I purchased the remaining tools from them, but I’m still waiting for them to arrive.

Here are all my tools from Jatayu. Unwrapped and spread out.


I’m still not sure what everything is used for. I ordered (from what I hear) the bible of metalsmithing, Complete Metalsmith: Professional Edition by Tim McCreight. But it’s coming with my stuff from Contenti and won’t be here til next week. Ugh! So for now I might just look up some simple projects on the Internet so I can at least make one thing this weekend.

Here is the metal I ordered from Rio Grande. I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed so I ordered 3 different types of metal sheet in a couple of different gauges. I also did the same with the wire. I even got some square wire and metal strip.

The rest of my tools will be arriving on January 3rd, two days before my birthday. Hopefully, that’s enough time to figure out a little bit of this stuff and be able to make something I can wear for my birthday. 🙂



Metalsmithing – Part 2

Here is my first piece of metalsmithing equipment, a tumbler!


It sits upon my newly cleaned desk. I purchased a second barrel so I can tumble different metals separately. I read that somewhere and for an extra $30 I thought, “Why not?”. I also bought some stainless steel mixed shot. I got all this great stuff from a company right here in Wisconsin. Cool Tools

Stay tuned… More equipment coming tomorrow!


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Metalsmithing – Part 1

I’ve always loved metal work. I pride myself on being unique and designing my own patterns. So I can’t think of anything better than combining metal with my glass jewelry. I spent 7 hours reading, learning and shopping for a complete metalsmithing setup. I’m still waiting for everything to arrive since I just ordered yesterday, but I thought I would share the transformation of my desk in my studio. Here is the before picture.


I know… it’s pretty bad. But soon it will look like an organized metalsmithing station. Hopefully. Stay tuned!

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