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Unexpected Stained Glass Beauty

My family and I went for a little day trip to Sheboygan, WI. We stopped at a car show and saw the Dukes of Hazzard car.

That’s my lovely husband standing by it, like a total nerd.


Then we played some mini golf at a course that was right next to Lake Michigan. The breeze off the lake helped alot since it was pretty hot today. My daughter’s friend John won. But at least I came in third. I did however get my ball in the tiny slot on the 19th hole. It was sort of a Plinko style game thing as a way for the place to get their balls returned to them. I was however informed that I did NOT receive a prize for my accomplishment. 😦

After that we took the kids for some ice cream at the South Pier Parlor.

This was the nicest picture out of many since they kept making faces at me. Isabelle (left), Hayley (center) (still making a silly face), and John (right) (Hayley’s guy friend. Not boyfriend. I’m told).


So while we were enjoying our ice cream I was surprised by some beautiful stained glass.


It was nice admiring the glass as I ate. I wish there were more of it around. I think it would bring more beauty to this world. So I’ve decided that I’m going to take pictures and share them when I come across some Unexpected Stained Glass Beauty!


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Metalsmithing – Part 3

Woo Hoo! Some of my tools arrived today!


After doing some online comparison shopping I found that had a nice selection of tools at good prices. I also found that her descriptions were very helpful for picking which tools I’d like and just for figuring out what they were even used for. I used the Professional Metalsmithing Kit list from as a reference of what I’d need. I purchased the remaining tools from them, but I’m still waiting for them to arrive.

Here are all my tools from Jatayu. Unwrapped and spread out.


I’m still not sure what everything is used for. I ordered (from what I hear) the bible of metalsmithing, Complete Metalsmith: Professional Edition by Tim McCreight. But it’s coming with my stuff from Contenti and won’t be here til next week. Ugh! So for now I might just look up some simple projects on the Internet so I can at least make one thing this weekend.

Here is the metal I ordered from Rio Grande. I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed so I ordered 3 different types of metal sheet in a couple of different gauges. I also did the same with the wire. I even got some square wire and metal strip.

The rest of my tools will be arriving on January 3rd, two days before my birthday. Hopefully, that’s enough time to figure out a little bit of this stuff and be able to make something I can wear for my birthday. 🙂



Metalsmithing – Part 2

Here is my first piece of metalsmithing equipment, a tumbler!


It sits upon my newly cleaned desk. I purchased a second barrel so I can tumble different metals separately. I read that somewhere and for an extra $30 I thought, “Why not?”. I also bought some stainless steel mixed shot. I got all this great stuff from a company right here in Wisconsin. Cool Tools

Stay tuned… More equipment coming tomorrow!


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Metalsmithing – Part 1

I’ve always loved metal work. I pride myself on being unique and designing my own patterns. So I can’t think of anything better than combining metal with my glass jewelry. I spent 7 hours reading, learning and shopping for a complete metalsmithing setup. I’m still waiting for everything to arrive since I just ordered yesterday, but I thought I would share the transformation of my desk in my studio. Here is the before picture.


I know… it’s pretty bad. But soon it will look like an organized metalsmithing station. Hopefully. Stay tuned!

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Pendant/Earrings Displays Part 2

Here is the frame all spray painted white. I have attached eye screws to the inner part of the frame. I used 7 strand nylon coated beading wire and crimp tubes to make the hanging line. I also attached an eye screw to the top for hanging.

I had my Dad cut hardboard pieces to fit into the inset of the frame. I used 1/8 inch hardboard to keep it light because I’ll be hanging these on a mesh wall in my booth. I bought some fabric from my local store. I cut a rectangle slightly larger than the hardboard. I then sprayed the board with spray adhesive. I smoothed the fabric onto the hardboard. Once it had set a little I use scissors to trim the excess off. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of this. I was determined to get these finished and I had been back and forth to the hardware store several times that day to get everything I needed.

I used silicon adhesive to secure the board into the frame. I left the back of the hardboard unpainted, but I am debating if I should paint it white. We’ll see. I’m just happy to have workable displays for my pendants and earrings. These will be easy to transport because they’re flat unlike the traditional rotating displays.

Here are my three finished displays!

Happy Crafting!



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Pendant Earring Displays Part 1

I need to make some displays for my craft booth. I have necklaces and some earring cards and pendant cards to display. I bought these frames from Bargains Galore here in Waupun. For those of you that don’t know, Bargains Galore is like a Goodwill store. The frames were only $1 each! I also bought some Gloss White spray paint and some sandpaper.

Here they are after some sanding.

Here they are after one coat of paint. I’ve got a couple more coats on them, but they’re still drying so stay tuned!

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Winner of the Fused Glass Picture Frame!

Even though I did ask for a separate comment for each item you liked, I went through the posts and assigned a number for each “like”. This gave you guys the most chances to win.

The winner is Shirley VH!!!!

Congratulations! Thanks for entering everyone!


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I switched over to WordPress to host my blog because it has a nifty iPhone app. I thought it would be easier to create new blog posts so I can show you guys what I’m up to on a regular basis.

For the Giveaway…

This picture frame would normally be $25.00, but I had an issue will the clear epoxy having a bubbly look underneath the a couple of the cathedral pieces of glass on this frame. So I figured if I wasn’t going to sell it then it would make a great giveaway item.

There’s just a couple easy steps to follow and you’re entered!
Head over to AngelasGlassStudio and GlassJewelrybyAngela on Etsy. “Like” AngelasGlassStudio on Etsy if you haven’t done so already. 🙂 Then pick out your favorite 2 items in each shop and post them in a comment here. Please leave a separate comment for each item and the “Like”. If you do everything you should have FIVE comments which equals to FIVE entries.

fused glass picture framefused glass picture frame

The Giveaway will run from now until Friday (10-28-11) at midnight. I will select a winner by assigning each comment a number and use to generate the winning number. I will then contact the winner to get their address so I can mail them the picture frame.

Have fun and Good Luck!



Hello world!

I’m new to WordPress and I’m just trying to figure this out right now. Check out my Etsy shops in the mean time.



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